Report. State Rep. John Cabello will return to Rockford Police

ROCKFORD — State Rep. John Cabello will return to his post as a detective with the Rockford Police Department, according to published reports.

13 News reported Friday that details of Cabello’s return are still being worked out, but that he plans to be back on the force by the end of November or early December.

Cabello has been with the Rockford Police since 1995. He went on a leave of absence in 2012, after he was appointed to represent the 68th District in the Illinois House of Representatives. He was re-elected to the seat that same year.

His attempt to remain on the police force while representing the district in Springfield created significant controversy, namely because the City of Rockford claimed the Illinois Constitution prohibited him from collecting a salary from a municipality while holding a seat in the Illinois House.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan issued an opinion in the case in 2014, ruling that Cabello may perform duties as a police officer and state lawmaker but only collect pay from the city when the General Assembly was in recess.

Whether Cabello will be paid according to Madigan’s decision is not known.

The Rock River Times will have more on this story as it develops. R.

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