Illinois DNR to landowners: Do homework before selling trees

By Benjamin Yount 
Illinois News Network

Illinois’ Department of Natural Resources doesn’t want anyone to get ripped off.

The state agency is warning landowners that the price of timber is still high, and there are some unscrupulous buyers who don’t want you to know that.

DNR forester Paul Deizman said that landowners in Illinois could easily have $1,000 worth of timber per-acre and not know it.

With prices that high, some buyers are looking to make a quick buck, Deizman said. DNR can help by essentially letting landowners know what their timber is worth.

“We have foresters who can advise them. We can put them in touch with private consulting foresters,” Deizman said. “And, of course, foresters are different than the buyers, the loggers, and the mills.”

Deizman said landowners need 10 acres or more to take advantage. The more wooded parts of Illinois, southern Illinois, northwestern and western Illinois are likely the hot spots for tree buyers because of the state’s hardwood trees.

“Black Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak [are in demand],” Deizman said. “Then some of the traditional trees that most people have heard of: Ash, Cherry, Hickory. Some of the finer hardwoods.”

Deizman said even if a landowner isn’t looking to sell their timber, it would be a good idea to get a sense of what their forest is worth for when it may be ready to be harvested.

IDNR recommends landowners consult with state forest management personnel before agreeing to an offer. IDNR runs a toll-free “Call Before You Cut” hotline at 1-888-244-1706.

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