Your Horoscope: November 22-28, 2017


You’ll be in charge of organizing a high-profile event. You’ll succeed in finding a healthy balance between work and pleasure, and you’ll inspire many people at work to do the same.


You’ll take off on a last-minute vacation, even if you weren’t planning to travel in the near future. Try to stay focused on acquiring new skills while abroad.


Your emotions will take over this week. You’ll be faced with a situation that will force you out of your comfort zone. Let yourself go with the flow and enjoy your natural surroundings.


You’re not always patient with your significant other. It might be wise to shake up your routine and experience new adventures together.


You’ll be the first person to act in an emergency situation. Keep up the good instincts because they’ll benefit your career.


There might be points of tension in your relationship, but you and your significant other will find a way to move past them. Mutual respect is something you both value.


You’ll need to display a lot of patience when dealing with a particular family member. With Christmas right around the corner, you’ll turn your attention to getting your house holiday-ready.


Expect a mix of business and pleasure on your next road trip. You’ll finally succeed in ending an ongoing argument by speaking up.


If you’re stuck in a precarious financial situation, you’ll have to work hard to find an appropriate solution. You’ll certainly be outspoken in the process!


You might feel particularly sentimental in the coming days. You’ll start several projects without necessarily having the intention to finish any of them. You’ll also suggest numerous activities to your friends.


Stress will weigh heavy on your shoulders this week. Make sure to get enough rest, and think about making positive changes to your current lifestyle.


Your social life will flourish all week. Even when you would rather stay home and relax, someone will manage to get you out of the house.

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