Your Horoscope: November 29-December 5, 2017


You’ll feel exceptionally motivated this week to start organizing the different events you’ll be hosting. Expect to feel particularly generous this holiday season.


They say silence is golden and talk is silver! You’ll soon find the inspiration you were looking for to create a great work of art.


Your friends occupy a lot of your time, forcing you to re-evaluate the friendships in your life. But don’t despair; new bonds are bound to form, perhaps with colleagues from work.


It’s normal to celebrate after accomplishing a brilliant feat. It won’t be long now before your coworkers toast to your success!


This week is all about having fun, but don’t let procrastination slow you down. You’ll put in double the effort to make sure you don’t fall behind in your responsibilities.


If your family members are spread out on a map, expect to make your rounds this holiday season. With just a few weeks to go, you will want to start getting organized.


You will master the art of negotiation. At work, you will succeed in reaching an agreement, perhaps when it comes to financing a new project.


Your career will take a turn for the better, especially if you work in sales. You will grow your customer base so fast that your boss won’t have any other option but to promote you.


At work, maintaining a professional appearance will help make a good impression and lead to greater success. A good sense of humor might also make a positive difference.


You might have a few matters of family business to attend to. Don’t hesitate to share your concerns; silence will only raise more doubt.


You won’t be feeling particularly outspoken this week; however, there will always be someone around to confide in, should you feel the need to talk. At work, you’ll succeed in growing your customer base.


This week, luck is on your side. You’ll find money in an old garment, perhaps last year’s ski jacket. You’ll also find that humor is often the key to getting your point across.

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