Your Horoscope: December 6-12, 2017


You’ll be the center of attention. You may even receive some kind of reward in recognition of your accomplishments. You will certainly have every reason to be proud.


It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep a close eye on your eating habits before the holiday season. You may already experience some stomach troubles this week.


You’ll be on the move all week and your phone won’t stop ringing. Social events are being planned, and your friends will want you to be there.


You’ll be full of gift ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Make sure to set a reasonable budget to avoid having to tighten your belt come January.


You will be very spontaneous, and the ideas that keep popping into your head will seem like they’re already a done deal. You will put your social life front and center to end the year in style.


You may not be thrilled with your holiday schedule at work. With a little patience and determination, though, the favors you need will come your way.


Stress is the scourge of the 21st century. You will need to get lots of rest, if for no other reason than to view your professional future more clearly.


It’s not always easy to reconcile family and work at this time of year. Time will be precious, but you’ll find a way to organize your schedule so that you don’t miss a beat.


You’ll have the opportunity to travel with loved ones — maybe your family or a group of friends. You’ll feel like shaking up your routine and doing things differently this Christmas.


You will try to hide your sensitivity. Your friends will be there for you if you don’t feel your best, so don’t be afraid to air your true emotions if need be.


You will be in the perfect place to gather large groups around you. You will be inspired to bring about some radical changes at work.


You or someone close to you will receive excellent health-related news. You might also find a way to generate considerable extra income.

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