Your Horoscope: December 13-19, 2017


You will be very easy to get along with. You will welcome work with open arms and gladly agree to start preparing dishes for upcoming holiday events.


You will replace your boss while he or she’s away on a well-deserved holiday. The opportunity will turn out to have a very positive long-term impact on your career.


You will be the center of attention for one reason or another. You may save somebody a lot of pain, even if it’s simply by lending an attentive ear.


You will spare no expense on gifts and gatherings for your loved ones. Your generosity will afford you an extraordinary sense of well-being.


Keeping an active social life organized isn’t easy when work is demanding. You will need to take a step back, so don’t hesitate to accept your friends’ invitations.


A surprise financial windfall may come your way and you’ll spoil yourself. You will stand out as a result and feel great about yourself.


You will start planning upcoming events and take the opportunity to gather a few loved ones together. You will also be inspired to create a personal masterpiece.


A great artist lies dormant inside you who will awaken in spectacular fashion. You will be recognized for something you did and you will make a fresh start.


Your social life will be in overdrive. You will be invited everywhere and you’ll accept with relish, even if at times you’ll feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends.


If you decide to celebrate Christmas in a big way this year, you will have lots of planning to do. Time will be a precious commodity, but in the end, success will be yours.


You’ll feel compelled to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world. You may decide to spend the holidays abroad, or perhaps you’ll be introduced to a different cultural group’s traditional cuisine.


You will be deeply touched by the visit of a family member you see very rarely and who means a lot to you. They’ll appreciate the warm welcome you’ll have prepared.

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