Your Horoscope: December 20-26, 2017


You’ll find yourself planning your entourage’s holiday events without much help. You will also have a number of projects to finish in a short period of time.


Although you will receive numerous invitations to participate in upcoming holiday festivities, you may rather see yourself leaving the harsh winter behind and heading south.


You will be quite sensitive and it won’t take much for you to get emotional. You will need to make some changes to rediscover a zest for life. Holiday festivities will help put a smile back on your face.


It’s not always possible to please everyone, despite all your efforts and compromises. You will have to weigh the pros and cons in a particular situation that will require much finesse.


Lots of work is on the horizon! You will be blazingly efficient and end your week on a roll, at home as much as at work. Your guests will be blown away by your efforts.


You’ll be placed on a pedestal by someone for whom you have great respect. You could accomplish a remarkable — perhaps even heroic — feat. You may save somebody from tragedy, if only by listening attentively.


You may change your holiday plans at the last minute. You may also decide to redecorate your living space on a whim. A family member will need particular attention.


You may buy yourself a car as a Christmas gift! You will be on the road a lot to finish shopping for all your upcoming social events.


Be careful with your spending this week: you wouldn’t want to max out your credit card. Pay your bills in advance. At home, you will need lots of affection from your partner.


Your emotions will be all over the place. Fortunately, you’ll be back on track with the winter solstice. Your ideas and enthusiasm will lead to a welcome break from your regular social routine.


Idealism can be healthy, as long as you manage to stay grounded in reality. Avoid the news this week and let a good novel carry you to a world that’s better aligned with your views.


Your help will be required to bring many people together. An event that you’ll have organized will draw an impressive crowd. A spontaneous group trip could be in the cards.

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