Your Horoscope: December 27, 2017-January 2, 2018


You might feel unusually tired this week. A healthy diet should give you the energy you need to fully enjoy the upcoming festivities.


You will want everything to be perfect for your guests. You will do everything in your power to make them feel at home, despite the extra energy it will require.


You shouldn’t still be decorating the house as your guests arrive. It might be a good time to let go and appreciate the present moment.


You may spontaneously decide to fly to the tropics for the rest of the holidays. You will also seek out creative activities and new culinary discoveries to celebrate with a twist.


You will be particularly emotional during the holidays. You will opt for smaller gatherings to better enjoy your family’s company in a more intimate and relaxed setting.


You will decide to invest more time in your romantic relationship. Take a little time away from your day-today responsibilities to take care of things that worry you.


Out of the blue, your boss will give you new responsibilities. It’ll feel a lot like a promotion, pay raise and all.


If you’re single, you will be very surprised to meet somebody interesting at this time of year. Your self-esteem will get a boost from this.


It might not have been part of the plan, but most of the holiday festivities will happen at your place. It’ll take a good deal of finesse to deal with certain family members.


You will find yourself on the road a lot, so make sure your vehicle is in good shape. You might take advantage of post-Christmas sales to purchase a new laptop or smartphone.


You’re feeling particularly generous and eager to shower your loved ones with gifts. Spend your hard-earned money carefully; an emergency expense could be just around the corner.


It’s your time to shine this week, and you’ll manage to put a smile on everyone’s face. You’ll take it upon yourself to ensure the well being of your loved ones.

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