Wanted: Eureka! Classifieds (November 18-24, 2015)


Cash paid for diabetic test strips. Local only. 815-519-9966.                                        12/16

I BUY OLD STEREO EQUIPMENT, working or not. Rick, 815-871-2538.     12/16

TV, radio, stereo, mono, tube hi-fi, audio equipment. 815-758-6526/815-757-5999.               12/16

Snow blower, two stage walk behind, 8 HP or larger. 815-962-3344 or 815-980-6888.    11/18

Looking for handyman to dig two holes, plant posts and put up a short railing. 815-874-1888. 11/25

Looking for someone to plow snow in New Milford this winter. Call 815-874-1888.                11/25

Cash for unexpired DIABETIC TEST STRIPS or GIFT CARDS or STOP SMOKING PRODUCTS! Free Shipping, Best Prices & 24 hr payment! Call 1-855-440-4001 www.TestStripSearch.com. Habla Espanol.                (NANI)

Looking for recliner in good condition with a reasonable cost. Need seller to transport. 815-997-8670.                   12/2

EXTRA DIABETIC TEST STRIPS? I Pay Top Dollar! 1-Day Fast Payment Guaranteed Up To $60/Box! FREE Shipping! www.CashNowOffer.com 1-888-210-5233 Use Code: CashNOW!                            (NANI)

1986 Toyota MR-2 parts. Call 815-312-9076.                         12/2

Seeking guitar player to volunteer to play at cancer center. Call 779-200-4471.             11/25











From the November 18-24, 2015, issue

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