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Your Horoscope: January 3-9, 2018


Your family will be by your side all week. You’ll dedicate most of your time to your children or your aging parents. The time is right for some much-needed bonding.


You aren’t afraid to speak your mind, and you’ll step up to the plate as a leader to ensure things go as planned. You’ll be right about everything, but people won’t appreciate your lack of tact.


You’ll feel especially energetic this week. Despite your modest budget, the festivities you’re planning will turn out to be quite spectacular. Your ideas and determination will be remarkable.


Expect lots of action this week. You may even surprise yourself with all the ideas you’ll come up with. People will follow your every move and cheer you on.


You’ll need to take some time for yourself. You’ll find yourself reflecting on the past year and analyzing your actions, good and bad. This review should help you figure out your resolutions for the coming year.


You’ll find yourself in charge of organizing an event that will bring together a good part of your social circle. Something you’ll accomplish will be remembered for a long time.


Expect a big mess to clean up early in the week. You’ll put together a grand event for your family, and it’ll be a huge success.


If you purchase a lottery ticket with your family, you just might end up on a trip together as the holidays come to a close. In any case, expect lots of fun moments.


Someone may reveal to you a long-buried family secret. You’ll feel particularly emotional and may be asked to deliver a heartfelt speech.


You’re a very sensitive person. It may be a good idea to stay out of family feuds this week, especially if they don’t involve you directly.


You’ll be unable to sit still during an upcoming celebration. Whether or not you’re the host of the event, you’ll be actively involved in one way or another.


You’ll be the center of attention all week. Your deadpan humor and sharp wit will have people laughing. You might even receive some applause.

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