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Your Horoscope: January 10-16, 2018


If you want to close the deal, you’ll have to be crafty. At work you’ll need to see to every tiny detail, especially if change is in motion. Heart-wise, a big project could solidify your relationship.


You’ll need quite a bit of patience at work this week. Make sure you’re well prepared for an upcoming negotiation. Don’t be afraid to ask for a raise. Happy times are on the horizon for you and your partner.


Expect to be congratulated for an accomplishment at work or in your personal life. Relationship-wise, remember that it’s the little things that count. A workplace romance is also a possibility.


You’ll probably spend a few days at home to recharge your batteries or get rid of a pesky cold. This will have a positive effect on your overall wellness and stimulate your creativity.


You’ll be on the road a lot. Expect to have some deep conversations at the corner café or in the break room. You’ll make the acquaintance of generous souls who’ll give you an unexpected helping hand.


If you’re having financial troubles, expect to find a brilliant solution. Your sense of style is developing nicely, and you’ll be turning heads all week.


You’ll accomplish a heroic act that will boost your self-confidence. Be careful with your finances this week. If you’re traveling, don’t let your valuables out of your sight.


Lots of action is on the horizon. Your friends have a ton of events to attend, and they’ll want you there with them. Be wary of anxiety and stress, or you’ll end up bedridden for the weekend.


You’ll feel the urge to start over. You’ll be determined to find a new beginning. You might spontaneously decide to fly far away from the winter cold.


Travel plans with friends are quickly taking shape. Double-check that your passport is valid and make sure your work obligations are fulfilled before you head to the airport. Your smile will be contagious.


You can accomplish anything with the right planning. Time will be a rare commodity this week, but you have a knack for organization and should have no difficulty getting everything


This week is the perfect time for you to figure out your new year’s resolutions. You’ll feel highly curious and may even decide to expand your horizons by signing up for a class.

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