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Your Horoscope: January 17-23, 2018


At work, you’ll be tasked with a project that only you have the skills to complete. At home, you’ll round up the whole family for a floor-to-ceiling cleaning spree.


A quick look at last-minute deals may prompt you to book a seat on an upcoming flight. You definitely need a vacation, and it won’t take much to convince you to start packing your bags.


There’s nothing more important than your health. Your doctor should finally be able to diagnose the cause of your longstanding troubles and offer a solution that’ll have you healed in no time.


At work or elsewhere, expect to play the role of mediator or negotiator. You’ll find a solution to a problem with union members or an unsatisfied client.


Paperwork will pile up on your desk all week. You’ll have not only a ton of work at the office but also lots of cleaning to do at home.


You’ll earn applause for one reason or another. Some people might start placing you on a pedestal. You’ll have every reason to be proud of yourself.


You’ll feel the need to reconnect with an estranged loved one. You’re on a roll this week! But be careful to not spend too much money, as circumstances can change in the blink of an eye.


You’ll have a lot to say this week. Whether the topic is vacation time or family drama, you won’t hesitate to weigh in on all kinds of conversations. At work, expect to come to a long-awaited agreement with a co-worker.


It’s okay to treat yourself from time to time. At work, against all odds, you’ll be offered an interesting promotion. Expect lots of fatigue and a little confusion.


Your hard work will pay off and you won’t go unnoticed. You’ll feel especially creative this week and might start working on a sizeable art project.


If you’re still searching for your ideal career, this week might bring you the answers you need. One of your loved ones will need your support.


The holidays are finally over and you can get back to your usual routine. You’ll succeed in finding more time for your social life, but make sure you don’t overexert yourself.

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