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Your Horoscope: February 7-13, 2018


Expect to go through a wide range of emotions this week. You’ll also reconsider your relationship with certain people and realize that you’d be better off without a few of them.


Someone will pressure you into making a decision, but you should hold your ground and take the time that you need to fully assess the situation. Make sure you aren’t missing any key information.


You’ll find yourself with a mountain of work to do, and most of it will be urgent. While this will be stressful, it will also prove valuable to your overall career path.


You prefer to avoid the spotlight but will find yourself in it this week. You’ll be asked to do something that will require you to overcome your shyness, such as public speaking.


If your children have left home for a while now, it may be the right time for you to put the family home on the market. A marriage proposal is in the works.


Lots of deep conversations are in the cards this week. At work, you’ll expand your client base and succeed in assembling a team to help your business thrive. Your orders and suggestions will be well received.


Finances are a source of stress for many people. Take the time to discuss your situation openly with the right people and you’ll find a solution before you know it.


You’ll feel on top of the world this week. You’re ready for everything life throws your way, and your professional life will benefit greatly from this newfound enthusiasm.


You appreciate good company and will dedicate yourself entirely to those you hold dear. Be careful, though. Some people may take advantage of your generosity.


This week will be stressful for one reason or another. You’ll find the necessary motivation to start eating healthier or exercising more regularly.


An unexpected bump in the road could slow you down. It may be a good idea to reschedule a few meetings this week to avoid becoming overwhelmed. The time is right for you to start your own business.


A few of your friends will invite you to join them on a spontaneous trip. Nothing will make you happier than having your feet in the sand while winter rages on at home.

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