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Tube Talk. NBC’s Olympian feat

By Paula Hendrickson 

While I’m not much of a sports fan, I probably will tune in for some of the Winter Olympics—which run from Feb. 9-25. Frankly, if I have to watch sports, I prefer watching skaters, skiers, snowboarders, and lugers setting world records in snow and ice than watching runners, jumpers, cyclists, and shot putters do the same while sweating in the summer heat.

While broadcast networks of yore had a limited number of hours to showcase as many Olympic highlights as possible, today there are more options.

Summer or Winter, thanks to technology, hardcore sports fans have something their counterparts didn’t have just 30 years ago: The ability to watch live streams of virtually every event on the Olympics’ crowded calendar.

Yes, NBC will still air the most popular events during primetime, but the vast portfolio of NBCUniversal cable networks means even more events can be showcased either live or pre-recorded. Adding NBCUniversal’s digital properties to the mix means fans can stream competitions live from Pyeongchang, South Korea despite the 15-hour time difference from here at home.

Juggling all of those viewing options could be an Olympic sport in itself.

Sure, it has its pros (like long-neglected sports actually being covered), and cons (no matter how hard you try, it’s still impossible to watch every event as-it-happens, because multiple events are going on simultaneously), but it’s a far cry from only seeing heavily edited highlights on one channel.

Whether you’re wondering when a popular event is scheduled, or you’re looking for information on some super-obscure event, you can find details at where you can filter your search by specific sports or top athletes. Click on “TV Listings” and it will show you what events are airing on which channels. There are also links for live streaming events that aren’t televised. If you’re afraid you’ll forget when the curling finals are, the website even lets you set alerts to remind you when and where to watch your favorite events.

Perhaps more than anything, NBC’s wall-to-wall coverage of the Olympic Games is a testament to the ways modern technology can unite people across the globe. R.

The Opening Ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics is 7 p.m. Friday, on NBC. Find NBC’s complete listings of coverage of the games here.

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