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Your Horoscope: February 28-March 6, 2018


You’ll have a ton of fun outing ideas for your social group. You’ll be proud of what you’ll accomplish. Take the time to focus on developing one of your creative skills.


Chance will put inspiring people on your path this week, and your social life will benefit greatly. A happy event could prompt you to put your house on the market.


There’s a fine line between harmony and discord, which is why it’s so important to treat your partner with empathy and affection. Good communication will make things better.


You’ll be surrounded by a lot of action. If you’re an explorer at heart, you’ll start planning the trip of a lifetime. Traveling alone is a rewarding experience.


Your unbridled imagination will allow you to create an unexpected masterpiece. You’ll take on healthier habits to ensure you meet your goals. Go with the flow and everything will be fine.


You’re in dire need of a bit of rest. Prolonged insomnia will finally take its toll on your health. You may spend a few days at home to recharge your batteries, and you just might experience a stroke of genius while you’re there.


Maintaining an active social life will benefit your career in more ways than one. You may meet someone new at the gym this week.


A few of your friends may surprise you by inviting you on a beach vacation. If you accept, it’ll be an amazing time. Your optimism will be contagious.


You may spontaneously decide to go back to school to improve your career options. You’re on the right track, but you’ll need to work hard to reach your goals.


You’ll finally secure the financing you need to carry out a project that’s important to you. Now is the right time to consolidate your debts.


You’ll feel a lot better after cleaning your house from top to bottom. You’ll need to make some things clear with your partner before an unpleasant situation escalates beyond your control.


Before presenting your work to anyone, you’ll need to make quite a few changes. You’ll succeed in reaching a deal with an important client. You’ll be tempted to renew your wardrobe.

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