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Rockford Rocked talks with NIGHT Paranormal

By Todd Houston

NIGHT Paranormal is a team of Paranormal Investigators and Spirit Mediums located here in Rockford who believe in the continuation of the Spiritual being after the Physical being has passed on.

This week, Rockford Rocked Interviews catches up with NIGHT Paranormal’s Correnna Nelson and Randal Buck to learn more about the spirit world, and more importantly to hear some good ghost stories.

RRI: Good morning guys. I understand that you have been quite busy lately with your Paranormal investigative group NIGHT Paranormal lately. Tell us what the “NIGHT” in NIGHT Paranormal stands for.

NP: “NIGHT” is our business acronym that means “Northern Illinois Ghost Hunting for Transcendence.” We not only seek out paranormal occurrences and the spirits associated with them, such as ghosthunting, but we also try to understand why spirits remain ‘stuck’ here and do our best to help them transcend to their eternal paradise.

RRI: Very cool. How did you first get interested or discover that you had a knack for this kind of thing?

Correnna: We both have had a variety of paranormal experiences throughout our lives, and have always been intrigued by the idea of actually communicating with those who have passed on, yet still remain. We have always believed that this kind of communication IS possible. Roughly 5-6 years ago, we decided to find out how. We began participating in more and more paranormal tours and paranormal investigations, and eventually the idea of starting our own investigation team was born which finally came to fruition in April 2017. Our goal is not only to investigate and communicate but, more importantly, to help unsettled spirits find peace.

RRI: What are some of the key signs of paranormal activity?

NP: Well, The definition of paranormal paraphrased means events or occurrences beyond understanding. For example, disembodied voices or hearing voices when no one else is present; areas or pockets of supercooled air; smells or sensations without an immediate source; feeling like you’re being watched; hair on your arms or the back of your neck standing on end; TVs changing channels by themselves; lights flickering or turning off and on; banging or knocking; footsteps; scratching sounds on walls; doors opening and closing; and sometimes pets acting as if they are focused on something that isn’t there, or rather, something we cannot see.

RRI: What was the first encounter with the paranormal or ghosts that you can recall?

Correnna: I used to babysit two young girls, sometimes overnight. I would hear them up in the middle of the night, laughing and playing. When I confronted them, they said that they were playing with “the lady.” There were only three of us in the house — myself and the two girls. After this happened several more times, I finally crept upstairs to see who “the lady” was. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw her, a full-bodied apparition in Victorian Era attire. I stood there in disbelief, not knowing what to do or say, and I felt like my heart was going to pound right out of my chest. She looked right at me, as if she wanted to say something to me or tell me something important. And then, she was gone.

Randal: When I was a kid, our elderly neighbors passed away within a few months of each other. First, she passed, then shortly after, he followed. They were very kind to my brothers, sisters and I, and always encouraged us to come over at sunset during the summer months to watch their Tulips close, or as they put it, “go to sleep” for the night. The house remained empty for as long as I can remember, the curtains hung closed throughout. I would still occasionally go over at sunset and watch the Tulips, but one time I couldn’t help but feel as though someone was watching me. I got goosebumps all over and the hair on my arms stood straight up. My eyes were lifted to the window above the flower bed, the curtains now open, and I could see our elderly neighbors looking at me from inside the house! I could tell they were smiling at me, and I nearly fell over as I started racing home to tell my mother. She just laughed and said my imagination was getting the best of me, but I know what I felt and what I saw.

RRI: Okay, Correnna. I have had some creepy, eerie experiences before in my day involving moments where I thought to myself, I may not be alone. How do you know when a Ghost is present?

Correnna: It all depends. Ghosts or spirits can appear in many ways: partial apparitions, full-bodied apparitions, orbs, light bursts of cool/cold air, shadows in our peripheral, or even a ‘thought out of nowhere.’ Randal once had a spirit communicate the name of the ghost I was interacting with, and Randal was in a different room! Ghosts need energy to make their presence known, and they can get that energy from a variety of sources, from battery operated devices to our own bodies. You might feel one of your hands grow instantly cold, as if someone or something unseen is holding it, or you may smell cigar or cigarette smoke in various places throughout the premises without anyone lighting up! Spirits have made their presence known by knocking on walls/doors, and they have even moved or hidden personal things, such as car keys, eyeliner, hair brushes, etc. In one of our cases, the spirit repeatedly changed the channel on the television to “Ghost Adventures” for months. Either it was trying to make itself known, or it really liked that show!

RRI: Where can we find out more about NIGHT Paranormal?

NP: We have a very active social media footprint which is growing every day.  We encourage everyone to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our website for featured products, guest blogs, paranormal society directories, and more. Also, NEW for 2018, we will be doing Live Paranormal Investigations on Perscope; you can watch those at R.

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