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Your Horoscope: March 7-13, 2018


This week will be an excellent time for you to apply for a loan or even renegotiate your mortgage. You’ll find a solution to your financial problems that won’t force you to tighten your belt excessively.


At work, you’ll find yourself with a record number of clients to deal with, and you’ll be signing contracts like crazy all week. If you’re single, you might just meet your match during an evening out with friends.


At home as well as at work, take the time to think about your plans for the future. If you have to sign a contract this week, be sure to negotiate the terms in a way that serves you well, and double-check the fine print, just in case.


Moving day is something you should plan for well in advance. This week is the right time to start figuring out the renovation work your future residence needs. Becoming a homeowner will bring you great pride.


Your health is becoming more important to you. You’ll start a new diet that will change your life. You will be very proud of your own perseverance.


You’ll be surrounded by critics all week, leaving you no other choice but to build yourself a solid supply of arguments to defend yourself against the naysayers. What you have to say will be heard by many.


You’ll receive a sum of money that you had nearly forgotten about, such as an insurance payout. On the dating scene you’ll be extremely popular, especially with the opposite sex.


It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision, especially when it comes to money. Stay on your guard; someone might try to convince you to make a big purchase hastily.


This week will be full of questions for you. At work, you’re starting to feel like you’ve peaked. Someone might try to sabotage your plans. If you look hard enough, you’ll find answers before the week’s end.


You’ll be busy cleaning things up at home and at work. You’ll need your surroundings to be impeccable before you can truly find peace. A loved one will be of precious help.


If you’re still searching for your dream career, this week should bring you the illumination you need to take on a new challenge. A wind of change will bring abundance to your life.


You’re becoming more and more interested in taking a class. It might be one with a spiritual aspect. You may find yourself spontaneously organizing a trip or a pilgrimage.

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