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Your Horoscope: March 14-20, 2018


After a long period of negotiation, you’ll finally get the green light from your banker to acquire a property or finance a project that’s important to you. Your future will meet, even exceed, your expectations.


You’ll probably plan a last-minute getaway with your better half this week. You definitely need to take a few steps back and relax while you reflect upon certain preoccupying situations.


Rethinking your goals the slightest bit should help you achieve your full potential. No matter the stakes, you’ll pour your heart and soul into getting what you want, with great success.


The thought of getting married may cross your mind this week. At work, try to not let your emotions get in the way of your negotiations.


At work, you’ll receive the green light to attend a short training program that’ll open lots of doors for you in a not-too-distant future. Romance-wise, you’ll feel the need to shake things up a bit.


You’ll be hailed as a hero for saving someone from a sticky situation, even if it’s just by lending an attentive ear. The person in question will be eternally grateful.


You’ll receive news of a birth in the family. You’ll find yourself facing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a house that’s perfectly suited to your needs and your budget.


You’re starting to seriously feel the need to buy a new car. You may be invited along on a journey. At work, you may be asked to negotiate with someone who doesn’t speak your language.


You’ll find a solution to the vast majority of your financial troubles. At work, a management position will fall within your reach. If you play your cards right, expect a hefty pay raise and an overall improvement to your quality of life.


You’ll feel like everything is moving too fast this week. You’ll have the urge to shop around and treat yourself to a little luxury. Now’s the time to renew your wardrobe and give yourself a makeover.


You’ll finally succeed in setting aside your fears and diving headfirst into your passions. You’ll display incredible creativity this week, which will have you on the right track to creating a masterpiece.


You’ll be in high demand this week. In your friend circle as well as at work, you’re extremely popular. At the office, your client base will grow, or, at the very least, people will refuse to deal with anyone but you.

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