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Your Horoscope: March 28-April 3, 2018


You’ll be placed on a pedestal, and this situation will change your life for the better down the road. You’ll feel valued and might even receive some applause.


You’ll likely decide that it’s time to move. If the kids have left the nest for a while already, it’s definitely high time to sell the old family home.


You’ll have no trouble saying what’s on your mind this week, and those who’ve been feeling the same way in silence will be grateful for it. Someone will tell you an unusual secret because of your reputation for sensitivity and discretion.


You’ll explore a variety of interesting potential solutions to your financial difficulties. The coast will finally be clear for you to dive into a project that’s important to you — a home makeover, perhaps.


There will be no shortage of action this week. You may have to bring some people back to order. Even though you’re a peaceful person at heart, your inner warrior sometimes needs to be let loose.


You’ll feel the call of the esoteric this week. You’re already quite perceptive, but that ability will increase tenfold over the next few days. You’ll be able to get a better perspective on things and react to situations with greater empathy.


One of your friends will become an unexpected source of inspiration. He or she will help you become the person you’ve always wished to be and show you the way to happiness.


You’ll have an unusually full schedule to juggle this week. Perhaps it would be a good idea to stop making any further appointments. You wouldn’t want to trigger a panic attack.


You’ll decide on a whim to completely reinvent your professional self. You may find yourself back in class as you envision your new life in your dream job.


The heart has reasons that reason cannot know. Even if you try to stay rational, your feelings will take over and show you the way. You’re excited to find out what’s next.


You’re going to need a double helping of tact to get through some tough situations, both at home and at work. Compromise is inevitable.


Confusion or conflict at work will probably inspire you to make a big career change. Take the time to weigh the pros and the cons, and consult with your loved ones before making any decision.

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