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Your Horoscope: April 4-10, 2018


If you really want to finance that project, all it’ll take is a trip to the bank to put you at the heart of the action. On the romantic front, expect your relationship to take an affectionate turn.


To surround yourself with harmony, you’ll need to make some compromises. At work, you may be tasked with organizing an event that will bring together a large group of people.


At work, you’ll have a lot of clients to serve, and some will be harder to satisfy than others. Luckily, you have a knack for making miracles in seemingly impossible situations.


If you’re single, your popularity is about to skyrocket, and you may even experience love at first sight. Take things slow — you’d be wise to get to know the person thoroughly before making any grand romantic gesture.


You may finally find a buyer for your house. If you’ve lived there for many years, you may feel overcome by feelings of nostalgia, or even of regret.


You have what it takes to become a public figure. Your voice, your ideas and your opinions have the power to bring together large numbers of people. You’ll be listened to with great interest.


Complicated financial situations don’t exactly go hand in hand with romance. Make affection a priority in your relationship, even if you’re feeling somewhat preoccupied by other matters.


You’ll start the week off with a desire to conquer the world. Don’t let your detractors make you lose your cool.


You’ll need to take a step back and re-evaluate your professional life. Your health preoccupations will lead you to a lifestyle that will greatly reduce your stress. You’re on the right track for a new beginning.


Your social life will be most active this week. Expect to be constantly surrounded by people as you attend the many events you’re invited to. Have fun, but try not to put too much of a strain on your pocketbook.


You’ll receive divine inspiration for your life’s next big project. Make the right decisions now, and you’ll be roundly rewarded come retirement time. Remember: the future is built one day at a time.


You might spontaneously pack your bags and set out on a trip with friends. If your travels wind up more complicated than expected, especially when it comes to communicating with your group, don’t sweat it. Let go, and enjoy the ride.

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