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Your Horoscope: May 9, 2018


Your imagination will know no bounds this week. You might even start working on a masterpiece that’ll bring you big rewards upon completion. Don’t neglect your friends, though. Why not plan a get together for the weekend?


You’ll be put in charge of an event that’s expected to draw a sizeable crowd. This will help you discover a new side of yourself in addition to doing wonders for overcoming your timid nature.


You’ll be given new, stimulating responsibilities at work, and this will benefit you greatly come annual review time. A pay raise is in your not-so-distant future!


You’ll get the opportunity to take a trip or go on a pilgrimage of some sort, and this will help you expand both your personal and professional horizons.


This week’s air will be filled with tension, and you’ll find yourself in a situation that will prompt you to make great changes. You may even decide to take a trip around the world on a whim.


You’ll need to face an extremely difficult decision this week. Take as much time as you need to think about it before you make the final call. Otherwise, you’ll just end up changing your mind again and again.


You’ve got lots of work to do. You’ll be discreetly asked to contribute to a special project that may have a sizeable financial payoff. You may decide to start your own business.


You just might experience love at first sight with someone who’ll turn out to be your soulmate. A single glance is all it’ll take for both of you to realize that you’re made for each other.


If you’re going to be moving in the next couple of weeks, you have a lot of shopping to do. Time to get started! Be careful with your words. Now more than ever, you need to think before you speak.


Someone will tell you a secret that will leave you with a lot of questions. You really need to clean up your circle of friends, especially when it comes to those with outstanding debts. Don’t let your generosity be taken advantage of.


Getting that promotion at work would solve most of your financial troubles. Sometimes all it takes is a knock on your manager’s door. You’ll finally start to envision your future in a positive light.


You’re all out of energy, and you really need to get some rest. You’ll have a eureka moment that will open your mind to a new form of spiritual awareness — and maybe even a whole new lifestyle.

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