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Your Horoscope: May 16, 2018


You’ll finally have everything you need to tackle a side project or learn a new skill. If you play your cards right, what starts out as a hobby could develop into a source of income for your later years.


You’ll feel the urge to conquer the world this week, and nothing will manage to get in your way as you work toward your most ambitious goals. Success comes from doing.


You’ll be uncharacteristically impatient this week. You’ll feel like you’re moving at a standstill, always waiting for other people to catch up. Take some time for yourself: a few steps back are all you need to better move forward.


At work, you’ll be in charge of an important meeting or event that’s expected to draw a big crowd. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself with lots of new clients. Things are looking good for your bank account.


One of your side projects will require your constant attention this week. Expect to have to deal with all sorts of delays. On the phone, you’ll wait on hold; at the store, you’ll always end up in the slowest line.


Summer vacation is just around the corner, and you’d be wise to start planning for it now — things tend to fill up quickly this time of year. And have you thought about a camp for your kids?


An unusual situation will lead you to reconsider your plans for the future, whether professional or otherwise. You’ll come out of it with a bet ter idea of your true wants and needs.


If you’re in a new relationship, expect a clear sign of commitment from your partner, who’ll declare his or her love for you in a most spectacular manner.


Don’t underestimate the law of attraction when it comes to your career. Positive thinking will help you reach your goals much faster.

CAPRICORN You’ll gain a good dose of self confidence this week. You’ll find yourself in a situation where you’ll have an opportunity to shine, and people are going to notice. At the very least, you’ll be proud of your accomplishments.


You’ve been toying with the idea of moving lately, and this week may be the right time to take concrete steps in that direction. Alternatively, you could start planning a sizeable home renovation project.


This week, expect heavy traffic and convoluted communications. Plan your travels accordingly, and charge your phone before you leave.

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