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Your Horoscope: May 23, 2018


Expect a mountain of work to take care of this week. You won’t have much time to catch up around the water cooler. Your health might suffer from the added stress; get some rest before it becomes unmanageable.


You’ll accomplish something that will boost your self-esteem and help you discover a hidden talent you’d never have expected. Your family will cause you undue stress.


You’ll spend most of the week at home for one reason or another. You may even decide to move out on a whim. At the very least, you’ll finally get around to painting that wall.


You’ll be uncharacteristically outspoken this week. Be careful: you may find yourself having a hard time keeping someone’s secret. Whatever you do, don’t let it slip.


The time is right to start seriously considering moving forward with a real estate transaction. A closer look at your finances will reveal a surprise.


You’ll feel pushed around this week. Keep your head down, and you’ll manage to tie up all kinds of loose ends. You’ll find it easier than ever to communicate with others — people will actually start returning your calls, much to your surprise.


You’ll feel inspired, and this might lead to the creation of a masterpiece. You’ll also attend an exhibit or a performance of some sort that will surprise and delight you.


You’ll enjoy a rich social life, and your friends will all want to see you at the same time. You’ll take part in a few large gatherings over the course of the week. You’ll always have someone to talk to.


You may start your own business this week. At the very least, you’ll make considerable progress toward a particular career goal. With a bit of luck, you’ll land a comfortable position that will carry you to retirement.


Someone will confide in you, or you’ll accidentally discover a shocking secret. Perhaps you’ll have to figure out a message in a foreign language or a cryptic comment made by someone important to you.


You’ll be highly emotional all week, but your tears will be of joy, not sadness. One of your children will hit an important milestone, such as taking his or her first steps.


You’ll need to keep your emotions in check while negotiating. Be especially careful of laws and rules this week; even a minor slip-up could end up costing you dearly.

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