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Your Horoscope: June 13, 2018


You’re going to need to tell it like it is if you ever want to solve that long-standing financial conundrum. You’ll plan a long-term project with your partner, and this will solidify your relationship for the foreseeable future.


It’s an ideal time for you to consolidate your debts or apply for a loan. Don’t be afraid to knock on your boss’s door and ask for a promotion. The odds are on your side this week.


Challenge and adventure beyond your wildest dreams await you in the shape of a new beginning. You’ll consider going back to school to improve your career options.


Your health may become an obstacle to your progress. You should take the time to find a good doctor or a miracle treatment that will improve your quality of life in a surprising manner.


Your social network will grow this week, and you’ll reap the rewards of this newfound popularity in both your professional and your personal lives. You’ll have an uncanny knack for finding the fun in menial tasks.


Whether or not you’re a business owner, you’ll take on a difficult project that will yield a sizeable return on your investment, but only in the longer term. Patience is your greatest ally; abundance comes with time.


Undergoing professional training this summer could prove to be a huge boon to your career, especially if you earn a widely recognized accreditation upon completion. You’ll start planning a trip that will bring you greater self confidence.


If tension has been building up in your romantic relationship, now is the time to start seriously looking for a solution. Plan to spend some quality time with your partner, and avoid bringing your work problems home with you.


If you’re single, a daring stranger will offer to take you on a trip around the world. If you speak another language, you’ll be sent on a pivotal business trip. Weigh the pros and cons of every option before you make a decision.


You’ll have a lot of excruciatingly detailed work to do this week, and it will take you longer than expected to get everything in order. A promotion is in the air. You’ll be proud of yourself.


Your natural leadership will be called upon. You’ll feel loved and appreciated by those who stick by your side no matter where you go. You’ll pitch idea after idea to your partner, your colleagues and your friends, and they’ll all be well received.


Your kids will be particularly demanding this week, and you’ll need to spend more time than usual helping them with schoolwork. The bank will give you the green light for a real estate purchase or a major home renovation.

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