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Your Horoscope: June 20, 2018


The upcoming negotiation you’ve been working countless hours on will start to give you serious anxiety. One of your friends may declare their love for you out of the blue, even if you aren’t single.


You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, or so they say. You’re going to need to set aside your ego for a moment and work on your true self esteem. It’s not always easy to climb the corporate ladder.


One of your children will impress you this week. You’ll be a proud parent. You’ll also experience great success at work.


If your kids have left the nest for a while now, you’ll finally decide to put the family home up for sale. You’re ready for a new, more exciting life.


You’ll feel the need to recalculate your budget in great detail, for one reason or another. You’ll start planning a group trip that will lead you to great adventure and impressive discoveries.


The law of action/reaction will start to make sense to you. It’s important to consider the people around you when you make a decision. Haste could cost you greatly.


You’re constantly searching for balance and harmony in your life. A dream may show you the path you should take, especially if you’re in the process of reevaluating your career. Some sort of revelation will happen this week.


This week will be especially stressful, and you’ll need all the rest you can get to make it through unscathed. You’ll also have lots of ideas when it comes to home decor and renovation projects.


Despite your protests, you’ll end up in charge of an event that will bring together most of your friends. Whether you’re hosting it at home or elsewhere, the people you love will make all your efforts worthwhile.


Every great success starts with a dream. You’ll have lots of inspiration when it comes to planning your future. You aspire to greater things, both in your career and in life in general.


If you aren’t careful, your emotions could overpower you. A stressful situation will inspire profound change in you. You’ll feel the urge to set off to a faraway land alone.


You and your partner really need to learn how to work together toward your common goals if you want the relationship to last. You’ll take a few steps back in order to see things more clearly.

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