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Your Horoscope: July 25, 2018


You’ll have a ton on your plate at work, and time will be scarce. If you’re currently taking some time off, try to balance your schedule so that you’ll be able to do everything you’d like.


You’ll take a spontaneous trip and have a blast while you do. The thought of going back to school may cross your mind, especially if you’re at a professional crossroads.


You’ll be particularly emotional this week, and the time is right to make some changes. With a bit of effort and some serious housekeeping, you’ll be back to your usual happy self before you know it. You’ll also rediscover your natural curiosity.


You’ll display a knack for negotiation, both in your personal and professional affairs. Don’t be afraid to shop around; you might find a true treasure that’ll end up costing you next to nothing.


This week will be incredibly busy, both at home and at work. Whether or not you’re on vacation, you’ll have a lot of details to consider and deal with in order to keep everyone around you happy.


You’ll be the focus of everyone’s attention this week, and you’ll be proud of your accomplishments. When you talk, people will listen carefully so they don’t miss a single word.


You may spend part of the week at home. You’ll carry out a few tasks around the house to improve your quality of life. You’ll feel the urge to make your living space impeccable.


Much to your delight, you may travel a considerable distance to meet members of your family. You’ll find the means to treat yourself to your dream vacation this year.


You’ll have to be patient in your quest to find the answers you’re looking for. Your friends will take their time getting back to you about an activity you’ve been planning.


Your week will be somewhat hectic. You’ll feel more like partying than working. The possibility of a promotion in your near future will put you back on track and focusing on your career.


You’ll have lots of things to do, and confusion will be in the air. It would be wise to take a few minutes to reflect before throwing yourself into the heart of the action. Your imagination will know no limits, and you might even create a masterpiece.


You’ll be constantly surrounded by people, and you’ll have to speak up to have your voice heard. You’ll feel somewhat fatigued all week. Try to get some rest before your health starts to suffer.

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