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Your Horoscope: August 1, 2018


You’ll suddenly find the inspiration you need to start fresh on the right foot. You’ll be highly determined and ready to turn your life around entirely. You aspire to a better tomorrow.


After being surrounded by a large crowd, you’ll find yourself needing lots of rest. If you’re on vacation, you’ll gravitate toward relaxing pastimes. Consider visiting a museum or taking a stroll through nature.


You’ll gather your family and friends and organize an event full of surprises. You’ll also meet new people, expand your circle of friends and develop your social and professional networks.


You might spontaneously set off on a trip to a fascinating destination. You’ll also start thinking more and more seriously about going back to school in order to embark on a new career path that’s closer to your personal values.


You’ll need to make some changes to find your inner peace. You might choose to take on a more spiritual lifestyle. Perhaps you’ll go on a spontaneous pilgrimage of sorts.


Vacation season can take its toll on your credit card balance. You’ll be concerned about your financial situation this week, but you’ll ultimately choose to keep partying for a while before going back to your reasonable self.


Wait until the end of your vacation before making a big decision. You’ll need to take the time to weigh the pros and the cons with a good dose of wisdom. Jumping the gun will only bring you regret.


You’ll have quite a bit to take care of both at home and at work this week. To clear your mind, try cleaning up your space.


You’re in the mood to be entertained by the arts. For one reason or another, you’ll get an unusual amount of attention from friends and family this week. You may even receive applause.


Family matters will likely monopolize your attention this week. If you’re on vacation, you’ll feel most at peace in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by familiar faces.


You’ll be particularly chatty this week. Your phone won’t stop ringing and you’ll have surprisingly deep conversations with the most unexpected individuals. You’ll be on the road quite a bit to satisfy your urge for adventure.


Your financial situation has you worried, but this will motivate you to better yourself. You should succeed in securing the funding you need to make one of your greatest dreams come true. At the very least, you’ll settle some of your debts.

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