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Your Horoscope: August 8, 2018


Home renovations are on the agenda this week. You might even decide to completely redecorate your living space. You’ll be surprised at how easily you’re able to master manual tasks, and this will leave you feeling proud.


You’ll be in a shopping mood this week. Your knack for spotting sales will pay off in the form of little treasures for your home. You also might discover an incredibly valuable antique in your attic.


You’ll be tempted to treat yourself to a spa day or a relaxing massage this week. Go ahead and enjoy it: it’s important to invest in your own well being from time to time.


You’ll be uncharacteristically reluctant to cook this week. If you’re heading back to work after vacation, expect to be welcomed by disorganization, even chaos. Plan your days carefully, and you’ll be back on top before you know it.


You’re feeling particularly social and will be surrounded by people all week. You may decide to end your vacation on a high note by planning a party for family and friends. Lots of fun is on the horizon.


It’s already time to think about back to school. Even if you don’t have young children, you’ll find yourself in a similar situation; perhaps a loved one needs taking care of.


Your mind is on social activities, but your personal obligations will get in the way this week. Work first, then play. Your mental health will thank you.


You’ll start planning a trip to escape your routine for a little while. At the very least you’ll spend some time on the road rediscovering familiar streetscapes.


You’re going through a period of emotional volatility. After the rain comes the sun, or so they say. You’ll certainly find a way to celebrate your happiness. Smile at life and life will smile back.


A certain situation will require a good chunk of your time this week, and you’ll start to feel irritated by the constant demands. You’ll need to make a few changes in the way you operate to avoid future misunderstandings.


Work will consume your entire week. This will leave you in dire need of some quality time spent with loved ones. It’s important to seek balance between the different aspects of your life.


If you’re heading back to work this week, expect to see some surprising changes in the office. You may even be offered a new position, or perhaps a promotion, following the unexpected departure of a colleague.

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