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Your Horoscope: August 15, 2018


If you’re going back to work after a long vacation, expect to feel exhaustion kick in sooner rather than later. Your partner and loved ones will demand your attention, but you’d be better off getting some much needed rest.


You’ll be placed on a pedestal of sorts for one reason or another, and this situation will bring you much success at work. You’ll clear up some convoluted circumstances and receive heartfelt thanks for your efforts.


You’ll either spend some time with your family this week or enjoy the solitude of your home. Your relationship will become more of a priority. You’ll be highly creative and may even whip up a masterpiece.


The thought of buying a new car will cross your mind. You’ll spend lots of time negotiating all sorts of things this week and listening to seemingly endless sales pitches. This may make you realize that you’d make a great salesperson yourself.


You’re in the mood to spoil yourself. You might renew your wardrobe or dramatically change your hairstyle this week. You’ll be feeling bold and eager to step outside your comfort zone. Your social life will only benefit from this newfound confidence.


You won’t take the time to listen to anyone’s advice and instead do whatever you please. Luckily, your instincts have never led you astray. Trust your gut feeling. A guardian angel is watching over you.


Sometimes, you need to take a step back to give yourself the necessary strength to accomplish great things. You’ll seriously think about what makes you happy this week.


Having an active social life can get expensive. Even if you aren’t one to overspend, you’ll have a hard time balancing your budget this week and might find yourself struggling to pay off your debts.


You’ll do whatever it takes to put your best foot forward and make a good impression. Your family members will notice your efforts. You’ll purchase a new smart device this week.


You’ll start a training program at work that will lead you to a decent promotion in due time. Your job will finally be better aligned with your personal values. You’ll redefine your goals with gusto.


If you didn’t get to enjoy a relaxing summer vacation this year, you’ll start to feel the need to escape and unwind. Go ahead – take that trip. You’ll come back looking ten years younger.


You’ll try to please everyone, even though you know deep down that it’s impossible. Just follow your heart, and you’ll always do the right thing. Trust yourself.

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