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Your Horoscope: September 26, 2018


There’s lots of action in store for you this week. Your friends will invite you to partake in a regular sporting activity. This will be your ticket to staying in shape all winter.


An air of confusion is about to overcome your workplace. A family outing will do you a world of good, even though it’ll prove complicated to organize.


Gradual lifestyle changes might be the answer to your constant fatigue. You may feel the need to get in touch with your spiritual side this week.


You’ll find yourself in an excellent position for a promotion at work. You’re on the right track for financial success. Even your investments are doing particularly well given the current economic climate.


The idea of embarking on a grand adventure will cross your mind. You’ll feel an insatiable thirst for knowledge. After coming into a considerable amount of money, you and your family will start working on an ambitious project.


You’ll receive excellent news about the financial aspect of a project you hold dear. Take any opportunity you can to learn something new, and you’ll find great success before long. Your eye for detail will prove profitable.


Many people are counting on you to make a decision, but you’ll have a hard time choosing a side. Just make sure you have all the information you need before you make the final call.


You’ll notice your weight has been fluctuating, mainly because you’re overworked. You’ll have lots of success at the office, but you need to take some time to rest. After all, nothing is more important than your health.


You’ll receive warm applause for a brilliant accomplishment. You’ll be given an award of some sort in front of a crowd. This will give you the self-confidence boost you need to take your life to the next level.


You’ll feel the need to retreat and spend some time in the comfort of your own home this week. You might take the opportunity to move some furniture around and get rid of clutter.


You won’t mince your words when asked for your opinion. Your sense of humor will help disarm an awkward situation at work and allow you to restore the peace.


You might face an unexpected expense this week; be sure to rearrange your budget accordingly. However, your careful financial planning will pay off, as you have more than enough money to get everything taken care of.

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