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Illinois Uber drivers get cash from settlement

By Benjamin Yount
Illinois News Network

People who drove for Uber in 2016 may be getting $100 from Illinois’ attorney general.

Illinois’ share of the nearly $150 million settlement with Uber is translating into $100 checks for drivers.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan recently announced the settlement after Uber failed to report a data breach back in 2016.

The issue with this data breach is that Uber just completely ignored the law when it comes to notifying drivers as well as the state that they had lost this information,” Madigan said.

Uber is not being punished for being hacked. Madigan said the company broke the law by staying silent.

“Here in Illinois, and in other states across the country, there are breach notification laws,” Madigan said. “They are intended to allow people to find out when their personal information has been breached, so that they can prevent themselves from becoming victims of identity theft.”

Hackers accessed information about Uber drivers, not passengers.

In all, Illinois will get $8.5 million of the $148 million settlement.

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