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Your Horoscope: October 3, 2018


A new diet, combined with regular exercise, will yield nearly instant results. You’ll be incredibly proud of yourself for taking on the challenge of leading a healthier life.


You’ll be quite talkative this week and find the right words to say out loud what others are thinking. However, you’ll also be highly critical; think carefully before you comment on someone else’s work.


If you’re in a precarious financial situation, make sure to doublecheck all your invoices and receipts. You might find an error that could save you a considerable chunk of change.


You’ll take part in an activity that will bring out your competitive side. You won’t settle for second place. Just follow your instincts and you’ll reap the rewards.


If you’re feeling unusually tired, it might be due to a lack of exercise. You’ll feel a lot better by improving your diet, getting more physical activity and cultivating your relationships with family and friends.


It may sound counterintuitive, but stress will benefit you this week. It’ll motivate you to accomplish great things. However, be sure to balance the different aspects of your life in order to channel your energy appropriately.


The circumstances are ideal for starting your own business or seeking new responsibilities at work. You’ll start to get in touch with your inner leader.


A lovely vacation is in the cards. Even if your departure is months away, it’s always a good idea to start preparing things like passports and vaccines as early as possible.


You may witness an injustice that will catch people off guard. You’ll have an important role to play in the situation and will aid in restoring harmony by suggesting appropriate changes.


If you witness an unfair situation, you’ll be tempted to solve the problem yourself. You’ll find yourself in the role of both sheriff and judge. Remember that complex situations require a delicate approach.


You’ll work vigorously and rigorously this week in order to land a deal or finalize a transaction. Be wary of anxiety and insomnia. Your perseverance will pay off before you know it.


You’ll be given an interesting offer at work. Be sure to think things through thoroughly before accepting. You’ll need to learn how to better manage and express your emotions before your mental state takes a toll on your overall health.

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