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Your Horoscope: October 10,2018


You’ll be able to restore harmony after a dispute. You need to be more open to compromise. You may also succeed in getting rid of a bad habit this week.


You’ll be happy to take part in all sorts of activities with friends this week. You’ll feel competitive, and your desire to get moving will help you reach your fitness goals faster than you might expect.


You’ll be given new responsibilities at work that will require you to rethink your wardrobe. Your new clothes will make you feel more comfortable meeting clients and help you appear professional.


You won’t feel like leaving the house this week. You’ll focus all your energy on your family and your romantic relationship. Certain loved ones will count on your generosity, but make sure you don’t get taken advantage of.


Germs spread like wildfire at this time of year and flu season might come early for you. The weather is getting colder; dress accordingly to avoid irritating your nose and throat.


The air of confusion that’s overcome your workplace will provide you with an opportunity to express your opinions freely. This will provide you the answers you seek and reassure you on several delicate matters.


Expect lots of action this week. Work and money will definitely be on your mind. You’ll think about your professional future and may find that you need to change paths in order to reach your true goals.


You’ll be in the mood to shop this week and may even debut a whole new look. Friends will inspire you to follow the latest trends. You may discover a new perspective on life by getting in touch with your spiritual side.


The odds are in your favor when it comes to finally getting that promotion at work. You’ll succeed in finding greater balance between your professional and personal lives. Expect your client base to grow considerably, which will lead to a slew of new contracts to sign.


If you have young children, you’ll start to become a more reasonable and responsible person. This shouldn’t stop you from cultivating an active social life and taking part in family events with your loved ones.


You and your loved ones will spontaneously decide to go on a trip. You’ll feel the need to pursue a more active social life. Try to spend some quality time with your partner.


You’ll feel powerfully inspired by an out-of-the-ordinary learning experience. What’s more, you’ll manage to figure out how to approach a certain situation that’s left you and many others perplexed for quite some time.

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