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Your Horoscope: October 17, 2018


Whether you’re on the verge of retirement or about to start a new career, you’ll focus on more clearly defining your next steps. You’ll need a plan to help you navigate the circumstances ahead.


Professional training will bring your career to new heights. You’ll be inspired by a series of new challenges that require a good dose of patience on your part. Your pleasure-seeking spirit will entice you to make a big move.


You’ll reflect deeply on your life and start making big changes. You’ll need to seriously review your priorities in order to build a future that lives up to your expectations.


You’ll find yourself saying yes to everyone this week, and you’ll put a lot of pressure on yourself to stay true to your word in all circumstances. You’ll need more information before making an important decision. Whatever you decide do, be sure to think things over carefully.


You’ll work a few hours of overtime, which will temporarily improve your financial situation. Afterwards, you’ll feel  more available to focus your efforts on your relationship, which is in great need of attention.


You’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time in order to stand out and make a great first impression. You’ll be  proud of yourself. At work, you’ll be rewarded and may even receive an ovation.


Your loved ones will have trouble getting you out of the house. You’ll feel overly attached to old items that take up too  much space at home. Getting rid of the clutter will free your mind.


You won’t be afraid to say out loud what others have been thinking. You’ll need to display good leadership skills to  help solve a complex situation.


You may have to invest a considerable sum in your professional future. You’ll feel the urge to purchase a new car in  order to give off an air of prestige. Don’t be impulsive in your spending.


You’ll pull out all the stops to succeed in finding enough clients to reach one of your biggest goals. In the heat of the  moment, you’ll be crowned with success


If you’re searching for your ideal career, you’ll find the inspiration you need to define your path. You’ll channel your  creativity and imagination to create a true masterpiece.


If you aren’t in tune with your inner athlete, you can expect to start feeling the effects of a sedentary lifestyle creep up on you this week. To motivate yourself to get back in shape, you’ll ask friends to join you in signing up for a physical activity.

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