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Your Horoscope: October 24, 2018


You’ll be forced to work a few hours of overtime at your job. Even though your loved ones won’t be thrilled with your new schedule, the extra money will allow you to repay a debt.


If you’re starting a new job or a big project this week, you may experience a minor disappointment. Don’t worry: be patient and open to discussion, and things will fall into place.


You’ll finally get some rest after a hectic period at work. Try to put yourself first more often. Either alone or with others, you’ll plan a trip that will raise your spirits and do wonders for your mood.


Much to your surprise, you’ll experience a surge in popularity this week. You’ll let your intuition guide you and feel highly creative. One of your artistic creations may bring you great success.


Time is a scarce commodity for many. Even if you manage your schedule perfectly, you’ll still find yourself waiting for other people sometimes. Try to be more patient.


As the colder weather sets in, you’ll start to daydream about setting sail to a sunny locale. You’ll work exceptionally hard at the office to be able to afford your trip. Keep your eyes peeled: an incredible deal might be hiding in plain sight.


You’ll finally succeed in making a living from your art. You’ll make several big changes in your life and embark on a brand new path. A plan to solidify your romantic relationship is in the works; this may take the shape of a marriage proposal.


Put more effort into your social life if you wish to maintain close ties to the people who matter most. The idea of moving to a new town will cross your mind. You’ll feel the need for a change of scenery.


Even though one of your projects will require a bigger time investment than you initially thought, you’ll be proud of your perseverance. You’ll feel relieved to finally accomplish what you’ve been constantly postponing.


You’ll treat yourself to some new clothes, either to boost your self-esteem or to improve your chances of getting a promotion at work. Your efforts will pay off and success will be yours.


You’ll feel like cleaning your house from top to bottom this week. Ridding your home of needless clutter will also clear your thoughts and give you a clearer perspective on the things that matter.


Expect communication to be a tad tedious this week. Even if you leave several voicemails, you may have to wait a while to get a call back. Be careful not to get lost on the way to your destination.

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