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Your Horoscope: November 7, 2018


To avoid heartburn, make a slight change to your diet and learn to relax. Your health and mood depend on your everyday habits, which in turn reflect upon your mental state.


Your companion will do something extra special for you. A bit of anxiety might arise following medical tests. The results will take longer than expected and will ultimately match your expectations.


Your ability to lead will be called on. You might sit in for the boss during his or her vacation. Or you might replace a coworker with a health issue for an indeterminate length of time.


Everything will begin to fall into place for a planned family vacation. However, it will take longer than expected to sort out certain details, such as passports. And be prepared for a bit of running around doing errands.


Demonstrating poise and dignity, you’ll succeed at bringing together a large number of people, possibly for an event that will require your talents in organizing, communicating and negotiating.


A bunch of overtime hours are yours for the taking at your job. You’ll be generously rewarded if you succeed at adjusting your schedule to accommodate this additional work. You’ll finally be able to spoil yourself!


You’ll come out of a period of inertia and your life will finally become very active. Your friends will challenge you to try something different. You’ll secure the funding for a special project or will find the money to treat yourself to a bit of luxury.


After having felt you were at a standstill, things will now shift into gear at lightning speed. Pay close attention to your receipts: to err is human. A new challenge will present itself.


You’ll find yourself in excellent company, and you’ll accomplish an amazing feat working within a team. Additionally, you’ll receive a reward or praise in front of a large crowd, which will boost your confidence.


Big successes are on the horizon at your job. There will be many customers to serve, which will give you a bit of extra money to spend. You’ll discover some kind of spiritual practice or at least a mode of living that matches your convictions.


Pay closer attention to time: you’ll be able to finish performing your duties on schedule. And remember, slow and steady wins the race! A trip might be spontaneously planned and it’ll be just what you needed.


Even if you’re absolutely certain about having the right answer, nothing is preventing you from dwelling on it for a few days before making a final decision. New information might give you an entirely different perspective on something important.

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