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Your Horoscope – November 14, 2018


You’ll be at the head of a group taking part in a highly memorable activity. The outcome will reflect the effort you put into the project. And you’ll overcome a bit of shyness in the process.


You’ll have to adopt numerous responsibilities this week. You’ll succeed at effectively arranging your priorities. Additionally, people close to you will help you draw up a strategy for being more efficient.


Planning a return to school isn’t easy. There’s always the matter of deciding on the most favorable courses, ones that correspond to your values and life goals. Perseverance and support from those closest to you will be your keys to success.


When faced with a choice that will have a big impact on your future, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons before deciding. You might also join a spiritual movement, which will allow you to significantly broaden your horizons.


You should thoroughly mull over even the smallest decisions you’re faced with, even if others are pressuring you to hurry along. Your intuition will guide you towards the correct answers, and your patience will beget solutions.


You’ll need to spend plenty of time preparing for a negotiation so that it turns out favorably for you. You’ll succeed at finding miraculous solutions to all your financial problems or to obtaining your dream job.


After having carefully calculated what you’re able to spend, you’ll update your wardrobe with clothes from the best shops. You’ll go to extra trouble with your appearance so that you can fill more important roles at your place of work.


It won’t always be easy to get out of the house. However, you might be able to do part of your job from the comfort of your own home and in doing so, double your efficiency. You’ll also undertake a big household cleaning.


Some confusion might arise between you and a family member. Set the record straight sooner rather than later. Drawing out the process is in no one’s best interest, and it’s essential that there’s no doubt as to who’s making the decisions. Otherwise, you won’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.


You’ll receive an unexpected promotion – perhaps following the departure of one of your coworkers. There will be nothing stopping you from sitting in for the boss while he or she is away on vacation. In any case, you’ll get a salary raise.


The conditions are ripe for quickly resolving a bunch of your concerns. At your job, a sudden flash of inspiration will guide you in your projects and make it possible for you to accomplish your goals.


Rejuvenate your body and mind adequately and you’ll manage to improve your standing in all domains of your life. Inspiration will help you bring about the transformation necessary for your well-being and will make you more open to a deeper spirituality.

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