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Your Horoscope – November 21, 2018


You’ll spend a lot of time shopping this week. You’ll probably feel inspired to redecorate your home. And you’ll be tempted to put up your Christmas decorations so you don’t have to do it later.


You’ll show a lot of imagination, but will also be guilty of some laziness. You might create a great masterpiece, or merely spend the week thinking about it. The project could be a complete season of an inspiring television series.


You’ll feel somewhat unsettled when you find yourself in the middle of a large crowd. But you’ll cross paths there  with some inspiring individuals who will provide you with the motivation you need to overcome new challenges and enlarge your social network.


You’ll allow yourself to indulge in some procrastination. Fortunately, the people close to you will help you set your priorities in order. In the process, they’ll succeed at getting you to smile, which will put you on the path to well being.


You’ll spontaneously decide to take a trip, even if right now the plans are still vague in your mind. At work, you’ll bring together customers from different communities, which will rapidly bring you success and prosperity.


You’ll find that you’ll invariably be left to do everything, both at work and at home. Certain people will recognize your dedication and will reward you for your efforts. You’ll be entitled to some form of recognition.


Big changes are on the horizon. You need only go with the flow and your anxieties will magically disappear. On the romance side, your plans will come to fruition much faster than you could have imagined.


You’ll need to clear up an issue at work concerning finances. And certain negotiations you take part in might be quite tense. In order to experience harmony, you’ll need to find the right balance when it comes to managing the different areas of your life.


Your love life will be front and center this week, and you’ll experience some beautiful romantic moments. A coworker might unexpectedly, and perhaps inappropriately, make a clumsy or unreciprocated declaration of their love.


You’ll need to get some rest to get over a big cold. You’ll stay home for a few days, and you’ll take your work home at the end of the week to catch up. The full moon will stir your imagination.


You’ll find it a bit difficult to communicate with certain people. They might not, for starters, return your calls. Don’t be surprised to see them arrive all at once without warning. You’ll get messages and calls nonstop.


You’ll lead a really active social life. A lot of people are going to want to see you, and you’ll make the trip to see them. You’ll also have a lot of things to talk about. Your lover may do something extremely generous for you.

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