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Your Horoscope – December 5, 2018


Big changes are on the horizon and will likely stir up your emotions. A new opportunity that could be very lucrative presents itself. You’ll make up with a family member you had a disagreement with.


At work, you’ll close a deal that will have a positive impact on your career. You create harmony with the people around you; they trust you with their problems and you point them in the right direction.


Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of this week. At work, and in other parts of your life, you’ll make changes that will improve your efficiency. Your fine motor skills will increase when you take on an artistic project.


Your emotions take up a lot of space this week, and you’ll clear up a complicated relationship. At work, you’ll be moved when you receive a financial reward and applause for a job well done.


You’ll be able to do a lot of your work from home. If you have young children, one of them will need some extra attention this week. You need to clear the air with certain important people in order to rest easy.


You’ll shop for a useful gadget that will make communicating easier and guarantee that you’re easier to reach. You’ll be on the road a lot this week, so don’t forget your GPS to avoid getting lost.


You won’t spare any expense to impress people this holiday season; you’ll replace furniture and appliances. You’ll also get rid of things that were taking up too much space.


You’ll show initiative in an important project. You’ll give orders to make sure that people understand the direction you want to go in. Your leadership will be sought afterwards.


If you’ve been feeling run down lately, take time to recharge and rethink your goals. People you love have been missing you lately, so give them a call and organize a reunion.


You’ll find yourself in a crowded place. It looks like an event you’re planning will draw a big group of people. Say yes to invitations from your friends and let loose to relieve some stress.


Sometimes you need to take a step back to be able to see things in a new way. You’ll find the solutions you’ve been looking for if you analyze the problem with a new perspective.


You’ll have good luck professionally and in your love life. You’ll cross paths with people who will make your life easier. Your sensitivity is a superpower that you’ll use to your benefit.

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