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Your Horoscope – December 12, 2018


Time will be in short supply this week, so you’ll have to choose between business and pleasure. Finding a balance will allow you to bring harmony to your life.


There’s travel on the horizon. Even if you’re not leaving for a few months, it’s not too early to start preparing things like passports and vaccines.


Expect some minor annoyances this week. It’s time to take care of things you’ve been putting off. You’ll be able to have some fun once you’ve accomplished what you’ve been postponing.


You’ll close a big deal that will change your life. Your perseverance will allow you to reach great heights, at work and in your personal life. Your audacity and warrior’s spirit will be on display.


You have a lot of work to do and many small details to take care of, both at work and at home. Let your loved ones help you so that you can take some time to appreciate your life. You’ll adopt a new philosophy that aligns with your personal values.


You’ll be very popular this week. You’ll be the only one who can accomplish an important task, and your superiors will recognize the work you do.


Breaking old routines will be good for you and your relationships. Say yes to invitations from friends; you’ll be pleasantly surprised, especially if you’re single.


If you have any interest in real estate, you’ll make some profitable decisions this week. You’ll want to redecorate your home right before Christmas to make a good impression.


You’ll want to say what’s on your mind, but it’s important to think before you speak to make sure your meaning is understood. You may want to rethink a message or text to avoid confusion.


You’ll be tempted to buy yourself something expensive and luxurious, but your Christmas gifts may blow your budget. You’ll be spending your energy as well as your money this week.


Take time to think an important decision through. You’ll start to develop your spirituality in a way that aligns with your personal values. You’ll consider making a pilgrimage.


If you work closely with people, don’t forget to take the necessary precautions to avoid getting sick. Your immune system is fragile right now, so carve out some time to rest and regain your strength.

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