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Your Horoscope – December 19, 2018


You’ll have a hard time sticking to a budget when it comes to your Christmas shopping. You’ll want to give your loved ones gifts that are more expensive than you planned. You may find yourself being more generous with some people than others.


At this time of year, you may find yourself being spread too thin financially. Prioritize your spending this week. You may have to choose between Christmas gifts, social events or a family vacation.


Even if the festivities haven’t officially started, your home will already be full of people. If you have young children, expect them to set up camp with their friends before the holidays start.


You’ll let yourself get carried away by the magic of Christmas, even if you didn’t plan on it. You’ll spend your time and energy on social causes that are important to you and you’ll spread cheer to people who need it most.


Let yourself be swept into the holiday spirit. You’ll be surrounded by big groups of people all week. You’ll finish your Christmas shopping at a crowded mall, and you’ll have a great time. Enjoy the craziness of the season.


You’ll want more this week. You’re craving adventure and new experiences, so you’ll start thinking about a trip to the tropics. You may even start to look into opportunities for working abroad.


Going back to school may be just what you need to advance your career. You’ll be presented with an opportunity that can make you a lot of money, which will make your financial situation easier.


Reevaluate who you keep in your circle of friends, and concentrate on your partner and family. Don’t waste your time on people who drain your energy or create drama in your life.


Just as they do every year, the people closest to you will expect you to plan all the holiday celebrations. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to other people and give yourself a break.


You’ll start to wrap your Christmas gifts. Take the time to infuse a little bit of magic to spoil your loved ones and children. You’ll impress a lot of people this year.


A special project will make you the center of attention this week. Maybe you’re planning a spontaneous trip for your family or a big event to celebrate the holidays.


You’ll receive many invitations from friends for different activities, but you’ll feel like staying home. At the last minute you’ll change your mind and you’ll be happy you did.

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