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Your Horoscope – December 26, 2018


You’ll get some much needed time off this week to take care of things at home and prepare for the holidays. You’ll get involved in a community project and your hard work will be recognized.


You won’t hesitate to speak your mind this week and you’ll say the things others have been thinking. You may hear some rumors, and you’ll want to confirm them right away.


Some last minute shopping will catapult you over your Christmas budget this week. However, the extra expense will be greatly appreciated by your loved ones and earn you some praise.


It’s time to spring into action! You have lots to do and everything’s urgent. If you’re working this week, you’ll be the first to get to the office in the morning and the last to leave. Your boss will notice and begin to rely on you.


Don’t get burned out before the holidays even begin. Take some time to rest so you can recharge and banish that pesky cold that just won’t go away.


Stress and exhaustion may make you feel like you’re in a fog and you won’t know what to concentrate on. Luckily, your energy will be back just in time to celebrate.


You’ll find yourself on top of things this week, both at work and while preparing for your holiday festivities. You’ll finish things before your deadlines, which will allow you to enjoy your time off without any worries.


Your friends may invite you on a last minute trip and you won’t hesitate to join them. You’ll also want shake things up with your loved ones and have a nontraditional holiday celebration.


You’ll be more emotional than you expected this holiday season. For whatever reason, your celebrations will be very different this year and you’ll be nostalgic for times past.


This week will be full of surprises. Whether your partner takes you on a romantic vacation or a complete stranger proposes marriage, expect your love life to be shaken up. Happiness is around the corner.


You’ll be busy finishing up work before leaving on vacation this week. Everything will go according to plan and you’ll end the year with a sense of accomplishment.


At the last minute, you’ll find yourself hosting a big holiday party, so you’ll rush to finish decorating your home. You’ll outdo yourself this year and your home will look magnificent.

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