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Your Horoscope – January 2, 2019


You’ll use somewhat manipulative techniques to clear the air between family members. Your organizational skills will shine this week and you’ll be the family hero.


You’ll invite family and friends to celebrate the New Year with you. Two families that don’t usually get along will be brought together by your generosity and attention to detail.


You’ll want to feel useful this week, so you may host more than one gathering while also taking extra good care of your loved ones. Even when you’re a guest, you offer to help out by serving people and cleaning up.


You’ll really enjoy the holiday festivities this year and you’ll find yourself performing in some way. People will take notice of you when you say or do something outlandish.


You’ll meet at least one person of a different ethnicity at a party this year. After learning about their culture, you’ll be inspired to incorporate their food and music into your daily life.


You’ll be the life of the party this week, and everyone you come into contact with will enjoy themselves. Just be careful on the road at night.


This time of year always incurs extra expenses. Even people you don’t know will appreciate your generosity with those in need. Giving is as much for you as it for those you give to.


You’ll feel the need to move, dance and socialize this week and won’t want to miss a single event. You’ll help get parties started by suggesting fun games and activities.


Make sure you get enough rest during the week so you can stay up and party on the weekends. You’ll also need to catch up on sleep after being sick for a few days.


You’ll bring people together unexpectedly, which will lead to additional planning for you. You’ll go to great lengths to make your loved ones happy. Take care of yourself though, because a pesky flu might derail your plans.


You’ll be extra helpful while you’re a guest at other people’s homes. You’ll organize a party for your loved ones and with your encouragement, everyone will enjoy themselves.


Convince your family to buy a group lottery ticket this week because luck will be on your side on New Year’s Day. Plans you’ve been making with family will solidify and a spontaneous group trip will make one of your dreams come true.

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