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Your Horoscope – January 9, 2019


The party’s not over yet and there are still many reasons to celebrate. At work, a demanding client will overwhelm you.


Time is becoming a sparse commodity, but you can’t afford to neglect any of your responsibilities. Your boss may ask you to go into work even on your day off.


There may be a last minute vacation in the works. Learning a new skill will excite you and you’ll start to think about going back to school.


The beginning of a new year is always an emotional time for you. Personally and professionally, there are many new challenges on the horizon.


Pay attention to your loved ones; it’s possible that your happy life will be disrupted by a misunderstanding. You may need to treat those you care about with kid gloves.


It’s time to clean up. The holidays are over and you now need to move on to more serious things. An unexpected departure may land you the job of your dreams.


This is the perfect time to start taking care of yourself. You’ll discover your passion in life, which will make you want to start working towards a new goal.


Whether you’re on vacation or not, you’ll spend more time with your family this week. If you have an opening in your schedule, take advantage of it by redecorating or rearranging your furniture.


There’s either too much going on or not enough; there’s no happy medium. When you want time to yourself, there will be a crowd of people around you; when you’re alone, you’ll miss your friends.


You’ll take a few hours this week to return or exchange gifts at the mall. While you’re there, you’ll find some great deals and decide to treat yourself.


Take advantage of your time off this week and plan activities with family or friends. You won’t want to sit still this week, so even if you’re alone, you’ll take off on an adventure.


You’ll be confused and easily distracted this week. The last few weeks have left you exhausted, so make sure you use your time off to relax.

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