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Your Horoscope – January 16, 2019


There will be many unexpected events this week. At work, you’ll be trusted with a task that will require you to juggle large sums of money. Your salary will also see a boost.


You’ll want to eliminate all of your negative feelings by getting into shape. You’ll get rid of lots of nervous energy by going to the gym.


If you’ve been worried about your career path, you’ll finally see which direction it should take. You’ll also find the solution to a health problem you’ve been struggling with for a long time.


At work, you’ll be overwhelmed by a large number of clients. At home, there are many social events to manage and everyone counts on you to organize them.


Well rested, you’ll be able to tackle work situations with renewed vigor, which will result in a promotion. You’ll be offered your boss’ job but you may decide to start your own business instead.


Instead of fighting a losing battle, you’ll escape to a sunny destination and relax. This is a wise choice that will be lots of fun. You’ll come return home with a clear head.


You’ll be extra sensitive this week and have the feeling that everything is working against you. Life is sending you the message that you need to make a change.


You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of a situation quickly in order to make an important decision. There will also be an occasion to dress up, such as an important work dinner.


There will be lots of work this week but make sure you don’t neglect any of the small details. You’ll redouble your efforts after a conversation reveals some important information.


An accomplishment will put you in the spotlight. You haven’t always been comfortable being the center of attention but you’ll overcome your shyness.


You’ll start looking for a new house, or think about renovating or redecorating the one you currently have. Your family will take a lot of your energy this week.


You won’t bite your tongue this week, especially if someone wants you to stay quiet. Being outspoken will help get you out of a financial bind and may even bring in some extra cash.

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