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Your Horoscope – February 6, 2019

ARIES You’re going to be surrounded by lots of people and you’ll find it stressful. However, you’ll manage to get some good rest before the week is out, which will help to re-energize you.


You’ll be entrusted with important new responsibilities at your job. The work you do will be highly appreciated and people will want to collaborate with you more often. You’re a confident person.


You’ll feel an impulse to go on a trip. You’re motivated to experience numerous new adventures, each one more fabulous than the last. You’ll contemplate the possibility of beginning some kind of training.


If you start to feel insecure financially, this will make you more emotional than usual. Fortunately, solutions won’t be long in presenting themselves and you’ll soon be back on course.


Negotiating with family members becomes a delicate matter. You’ll become distinctly vulnerable as soon as emotions enter the situation. Try to take a step back so you can see things with greater clarity.


A big career-related achievement is on your horizon. You’ll succeed at bringing together a large group of people for a certain event.


All kinds of passions will suddenly awaken in you. Your mind will be full of great ideas and every spotlight will be pointed at you. You’ll be warmly applauded and you’ll receive a medal or another token of recognition.


You’ll find yourself at home more often and therefore more frequently in the company of family members. You might be burdened with responsibilities, some of them too heavy to bear.


Negotiating certain purchases will be to your advantage. You’ll need to raise your voice only slightly in order to be heard and respected. And don’t hesitate to verbally release your excess of emotions.


Exercise is excellent for one’s health when done in moderation. You’ll make the acquaintance of several people with whom you’ll either discuss spirituality or undertake an inspiring and gratifying activity.


It’ll be a busy week for you, especially if you have young children or a very active social life. In your love life, you’ll have the opportunity to take a trip or a romantic escapade steeped in passion.


The harshness of winter might place a fair amount of strain on your vitality. And yet the moment will be ripe for inspiration; you might even begin work on a unique work of art.

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