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Illinois students could soon be taught about fake news

By Benjamin Yount
Illinois News Network

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois high schools students could soon be learning more about fake news.

A plan to add media literacy courses in high schools across Illinois is moving forward at the State Capitol.

State Rep. Elizabeth Hernandez, D-Cicero, is driving the idea. She said young people need to learn how to read the news they see on the internet or on social media.

“Media literacy really aims at trying to be more cognizant of the kind of information that is out there nation-wide,” Hernandez said. “This information has been phrased as fake news.”

Hernandez tried with a similar plan last year. She’s changing this year’s version from a requirement to a suggestion, and hoping to find enough support.

“We are trying to emphasize even further because of stories that are out there and aren’t true,” Hernandez said. “What better way than to start our young folks, our young minds in the difference between facts and false information.”

A House panel unanimously approved her idea this week.

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