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Your Horoscope – March 6, 2019


After a period of intense stress, it’s important to step back and relax. Take some time to rejuvenate and make a fresh start.


You’ll work overtime this week. Luckily, you’ll also have some time off to have fun with your loved ones, who’ll invite you to join their activities.


Whether it’s a big vacation or a short romantic getaway, you’ll have your head in the clouds planning your next trip. You’ll even consider going abroad for an adventure.


Some changes are necessary and with good reason. Cleaning up your circle of friends will relieve some stress and allow you to be happier in your life.


This week could bring about some strong emotions. Don’t put yourself in the position of making all the decisions because it may lead to criticism from others.


You’ll have to elbow your way in to get where you want to be so don’t be afraid to speak up if you need to. You’ll be offered the chance to travel and discover new cultures.


You’ll be a key figure among your colleagues and circle of friends. All these people can offer a helping hand when you’re ready to make some changes.


If you invite loved ones into your home, don’t expect them to offer help. They may even want to be waited on. Luckily, you have lots of fun doing it.


You’ll come across people who are all talk, no action. Don’t be fooled by those who don’t know what they’re talking about. Follow your instincts; they won’t lead you astray.


You probably appreciate the stability and financial independence that your job brings you. Your salary gives you the opportunity to travel and go on adventures.


You’ll be full of ideas and initiatives. It’s possible that your habit of changing plans depending on your mood could irritate the people around you.


There could be some confusion at the beginning of the week. Luckily, all it takes is a second cup of coffee to regain your focus and make small miracles happen.

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