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Your Horoscope – March 27, 2019


You’ll start to be weary of dark and dreary weather. Lift your spirits by looking into last minute deals on a beach vacation.


You’re due for a cleanup of your circle of friends and should avoid crowds this week. You’ll finally be motivated to complete those little tasks you’ve been putting off.


A promotion will advance your career but the responsibilities will be daunting at first. With perseverance, you’ll succeed. In your love life, you’ll receive a sign of commitment.


Don’t be afraid of changes at work. Even if it’s hard to fit the required extra training into your schedule, it’ll be worth it and you’ll come out on top.


With the end of your lease approaching, you’ll start looking into the option of moving and maybe even buying a home. You’ll find the comfort you’re seeking.


Careful how you express yourself because what you say could be misunderstood. At home, some spring cleaning or a fresh coat of paint will lift your spirits.


Spring collections are already on sale and you won’t resist the temptation to revitalize your wardrobe this week. You’ll have an opportunity to make yourself happy.


You’ll start the week ready to conquer the world and experience new adventures. You won’t lack ideas for projects both at work and at home.


There will be lots of action surrounding an acquaintance. You’ll feel the need to change up your routine and with warmer weather approaching, you’ll start getting ready for outdoor activities.


Fatigue and stress have accumulated, so let your partner and loved ones pamper you. You’re allowed to let yourself be spoiled by the ones you love.


You’ll receive invitations for several different activities this week. If you’re single, you’ll be surrounded by suitors who are trying to impress you.


You’ll be optimistic about completing a new project. You can be an idealist, but you also work hard to accomplish your goals. You’ll have the support of your whole family.

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