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Your Horoscope – April 3, 2019


You’re more vulnerable to colds and flus, even if you’re only slightly tired. Make sure to take time to recover from your superhuman efforts.


People who are easily confused will surround you and you’ll need to withdraw for a bit. You’ll be inspired to start a new spiritual practice.


Time is a rare commodity for many people and you won’t be an exception this week. You’ll find yourself working overtime to ensure you meet your deadlines.


You’ll start to organize a trip as part of a couple or group. You’ll also make changes at home, which won’t be limited to moving your furniture around.


You’ll have to fight to find professional success. Good things are coming but you should be prepared for a bit of stress first.


You’ll need to make compromises before reaching an agreement that pleases everyone. You’ll have justice on your side when dealing with a conflict.


There’s lots of work on the horizon and you’ll receive an interesting job offer from the competition. You’ll struggle if your integrity is called into question.


Your antics will diffuse a situation by making people laugh. You can expect praise for the way you deal with the situation.


There will be lots to do at home with your family and you’ll become a hero in the eyes of your loved ones. You’ll show a great amount of responsibility by placing your own priorities before anything else.


Others will take notice of you when you find the right words to express your point of view. When you get a new car, you’ll drive around showing it off to your friends.


You might start to take steps towards buying property or finding a better place to live. Shopping for your family will lead you to complete an ongoing project.


You’ll be full of energy and ready to take on anything, at work as well as in your personal life. A getaway with your romantic partner, friends or family members will be greatly appreciated.

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